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・☆・。Fahr Sindram OFFICIAL Blog。・☆・
I am blogging about my work, life , J-Fashion,Visual Kei, Art,Cons, Movies, Dolls and Moi!
I am alive + Angelic Pretty Items!
2010-07-25-Sun Trackbacks : 0  Kommentare : 1
Children of the Night!
No,I know, I am not DEAD!

Many things happend. I came back from the JAPAN EXPO and....TADAAA: I was SICK!
More then a little or just tired. Really, really sick. So sick, I even was too sick to watch Movies (Got myself Dr. Parnassus, Cold Mountain, Franklyn, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang and such, but...arghs, still no time)!!!!!!

Then, after I got my Mom and my Sis to care for me, I wanted to stark working.
I lost at least a week worktime etc...and TAADDAAAAAA: My Laptop fall down the stairs.
Maybe I was still a little clumsy cuz of the fever and everything, anyway, the darn thing slipped and now its BLIND!
I still work out how to safe the most of my Artwork,Songs,downloads etc.

Argh,and to top that: NO OTHER PC there to work on my Mangas. I gotta buy a BRAND NEW ONE!

With Money - not with Monopoli-Money - with real Money!
Yesh, you read right, I got new Items on the Air-Way to my lovely closet!
You wanna see!? Sure you want!

Milky Berry Mint OnePiece from ANGELIC PRETTY:

Milky Berry Alice-Bow Mint from ANGELIC PRETTY:

Candy Bunny Umbrella from ANGELIC PRETTY:

Jewelry Ribbon Boston Bag from ANGELIC PRETTY:

I can't wait to try them on!
I know its STUPID but I loooooove AP and Gothic Lolita and mostly SWEET LOLITA!
Can't Stop, sorry!

So...I've got a Exebition to handle,without a PC and without the Artwork, that will be fun!

Please tell me if you like my new Dresses!
So...take Care

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Sabrina / fergie100 | URL | 2010-07-25-Sun 23:48 [Bearbeiten]
sehr schön =)
wirst du auch zur ani nächste woche kommen, und es dort tragen?

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